Six Innovations to Know About in 2022

Abba Medix

Many new cannabis products are flooding the market, from growing to consuming methods. Licensed Producers, like us, have no option but to look into the future and adapt to the ongoing demand for the “new and exciting.”   2021 was the cannabis industry's busiest year for research, one of the...

Keeping the Craft

Abba Medix

There is a term for the skillful art of growing cannabis with care and compassion resulting in high quality product, and that term is craft cannabis. Because of the devotion required, this is usually seen in smaller grows but it gives growers of all sizes something to aim for. Even...


Abba Medix

Abbamedix Veteran Kush MRS Release! In 2013, Dr. Darryl Hudson began assessing Cannabis varieties for their efficacy on Veterans battling PTSD. Through this research, it was observed that high THC Kush varieties with specific terpene profiles were effective for...


Abba Medix

Making new cannabis genetics can be an overwhelming and complex topic, especially MRS Veteran Kush genetics. It is not as simple as blending one strain such as Master Kush with a strain like BC Rockstar. For MRS Vet Kush, BC Rockstar was crossed into a Master Kush and...

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