Six Innovations to Know About in 2022

Six Innovations to Know About in 2022

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Many new cannabis products are flooding the market, from growing to consuming methods. Licensed Producers, like us, have no option but to look into the future and adapt to the ongoing demand for the “new and exciting.”


2021 was the cannabis industry's busiest year for research, one of the top reasons for implementing new intake methods. We’ve looked across the medical industry, and we feel you need to keep your eye on these six new cannabis products.


  1. Cannabis Massage Oil


Take your next massage up a level with the addition of cannabis massage oil. Yup, cannabis massage oil is available here in Canada. With ongoing research, cannabinoid receptors have been found present in sensory nerve fibers and inflammatory cells. Topical administration is ideal for localized symptoms such as dermatological conditions, arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, and inflammation. Combining CBD or THC with the vitamins and essential oils found in massage oil can assist in softening the skin, making it easier to massage the muscle and joint discomforts.


  1. Rapid Onset Edibles

Edibles can undoubtedly take some time for their effects to kick in. Gone are those days, thanks to rapid onset gummies and drink powders. With a reported 15-minute onset time, these edibles are formulated with proprietary manufacturing technology. Some companies even claim it has greater absorption and bioavailability rates than other edible products. Standard edibles break down in the stomach, absorb through the intestines, then are sent to the liver for metabolism, and enter the bloodstream for full-body distribution. Not the fastest process. Encapsulated THC or CBD compounds, found in rapid onset edibles, bypass the liver, and enter the bloodstream right away, believed to make gauging your dose easier.


  1. Sublingual Strips

Another smoke-free delivery method available today are fast-acting sublingual strips. These strips have been infused using micronizing cannabis oils and suspending them in a thin film, bypassing the digestive system. To use, set your desired dose under your tongue and allow it to dissolve. Although there is not much information on just how quick onset time is, there are reports of it taking effect as early as 15-20 minutes. The product information provided by some suppliers suggests these have greater absorption rates than traditional edibles. Primarily designed with peppermint flavor, those with gastric problems such as GERDS, IBS, ileostomy, etc. Now have a better medically suited method of intake.


  1. Suppositories

Intended for localized application, infused with cannabinoids. Suppositories can be inserted vaginally or rectally. Make sure to reach manufacturers' instructions, and not all suppositories can be inserted vaginally. Absorption is said to be greater this route over traditional oral consumption. The bioavailability rate of rectal administration was approximately twice that of the oral route due to higher absorption and bypassing the first-pass metabolism, providing a powerful targeted relief to the pelvis and surrounding areas.


  1. Transdermal Patches

The claim to fame for this discrete cannabis innovation is giving a consistent and accurate dose of cannabinoids. Wash the area of application and allow it to dry. Apply the patch to the wrist, back of the knee, or ankle area, with the desired dose for 8-12 hours. These patches have been designed to be heat, sweat, and water-resistant for carefree accurate dosing.


  1. Cannabinoid Combinations (Marketing of Other Cannabinoids)

There are over 120 known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Some producers are now taking these cannabinoids and implementing them into gummies and beverages. In the past 20 years, we have only been utilizing THC and CBD. Combining these well-known cannabinoids with the newly discovered research shows practical entourage effects. 

Some of the combinations you can find.







Scientists are researching and studying the exact therapeutic effects of these other cannabinoids. Some items they have found are stronger sedation, decreased tolerance levels, improved focus, seizure control, and more when they were partnered with the primary cannabinoids of CBD or THC.


Innovations allow better quality, selection, and effectiveness. Although these products generally utilize the same cannabinoids, the approaches in their application are different. Hopefully, allowing for a greater quality of life with those who require cannabis as a medicine. 


Authored by Matthew Butt & Jessica Dalziel

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