Travelling with Cannabis

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Travelling with Cannabis               As we approach the holiday season, you may ask yourself “How do I travel with my cannabis?” “What are the rules where I am going?” “How much can I take?” “How do I pack it?” “Where can I consume?” Well, this blog is the right place to...


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The production of cannabis is rapidly expanding beyond THC and CBD options. The industry has been shifting to a strong focus on minor cannabinoids with medicinal but non-euphoric feelings that THC generally provides. Many consumers, when considering Cannabis for therapy, often think of the primary cannabinoids CBD, and THC. But these are only two of the 100+phyto (meaning plant) cannabinoids found to date within the cannabis plant. Two cannabinoids you may be seeing more frequently both medically and recreationally is CBGa (Cannabigerol acid), and CBG (Cannabigerol).

Delta-8 THC

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Since 2018, discussions surrounding Delta 8 have increased across North America. Delta-8 is like Delta-9 THC, but with a slight high, making it beneficial for those sensitive to THC. The difference between the two is the molecule, the location of a double bond between a carbon atom. Consumer reports reveal...

Abba Vets

Abba Medix

Last week we announced the new Abba Medix tagline “Stand for Something.” As part of that initiative, we are pleased to share another step we are taking to Stand for Veterans.  2021 was a big year for Abba Medix. We have grown from helping 350 Veterans to now serving over...

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