Veteran Coverage

Abba Medix takes great pride in supporting our Canadian Veterans by providing them with cannabis care. As a veteran, you may be eligible to receive financial support for your medical cannabis through Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC). If eligible, you can receive up to 3 grams (dried or equivalent in other forms) of medical cannabis coverage a day with a maximum of $8.50 per gram.

Any product that is priced over $8.50 per gram will be absorbed by Abba Medix. All cannabis products sold through Abba Medix are covered under direct billing through Veterans Affairs Canada.

As a veteran patient, you are eligible to order your first 90 grams of medical cannabis while waiting for your VAC approval, which can take seven to 30 days. Please include your K number and indicate that you are a veteran on the Abba Medix registration form. If you qualify for coverage beyond 3 grams a day but need to order more than your covered amount, the 20% discount also applies.

Retired and newly released veterans without qualified coverage, Abba Medix also extends a 20% discount.

Abba Medix also recognizes the benefit of medical cannabis for veteran spouses too, and do our best to accommodate by offering a 20% discount on orders. To qualify your spouse must registered as an active patient of Abba Medix, have the same residence as their partner, but if you have a caregiver exception, please contact customer service for more information.

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Abba Medix offers First Responders a 20% price reduction with a limit of 30 grams per month.

Proof of employment as a Firefighter, Police Officer, or Paramedic is required (badge, certificate, or letter of employment).


Our Compassionate Care program is designed to help with accessibility for patients who require additional support.

It allows patients living on disability or similar low-income government subsidy programs to receive a 15% price reduction on our medical cannabis products. In order to qualify, an individual’s annual income must be $32,000 or less. Patients are required to annually provide proof of income (such as a Notice of Assessment).

Patients 18 years of age or younger automatically qualify for the Compassionate Care Program.

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Abba Medix serves its senior patients by extending a 10% price reduction on all cannabis products. Patients over the age of 65 who are not eligible for our compassionate care program are automatically approved for the senior’s discount.

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