Keeping the Craft

Keeping the Craft

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There is a term for the skillful art of growing cannabis with care and compassion resulting in high quality product, and that term is craft cannabis. Because of the devotion required, this is usually seen in smaller grows but it gives growers of all sizes something to aim for. Even the plant itself can be crafted. It has many different characteristics and profiles; breeders are working hard to bring the best crafted flower to the world. Combining good genetics with good growing practices is the gold standard for craft cannabis. If you are a person lucky enough to try it, I am sure you would agree.

With the invention of the HPS bulb in 1968 and the plant being illegal to cultivate, one can only surmise that indoor cannabis growing started not long after. Modern day craft was born. One of the benefits from moving the grow indoors was the ability to have multiple harvests in one year. The growers became very close with the plant. So close to notice the subtle differences that existed in the plants. With some education in plant breeding, the craft of breeding cannabis quickly followed.

Out of the eyes of law enforcement and with an unconditional love for the plant, underground and grassroots communities were born. The communities grew stronger as the medicinal benefits started to become more aware. People started sharing the stories and the communities grew and grew. To this day these communities are still growing and still fighting to destigmatize the plant around the world.

In house we aim to keep the grassroots alive. With our passionate team working diligently to provide high quality products, we also embarked on our own breeding craft. MRS Veteran’s Kush and Vet Star Day, both developed specifically for the veteran population coping with PTSD. Feedback from veterans allowed us to take the heavy Kush side and replace it with a 707 headband and F1 to allow more functional symptom control required for daytime use.

There is a passionate fire that burns in those making craft what it is. It is not just about the plant, or the person, it’s the way they come together. The means of showing the diversity that life has to offer and matching it to the experience you seek. Let’s keep the craft.

Authored by : Matthew Butt, CTE, CH Mount Pearl

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