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Abbamedix Veteran Kush MRS Release! 

In 2013, Dr. Darryl Hudson began assessing Cannabis varieties for their efficacy on Veterans battling PTSD. Through this research, it was observed that high THC Kush varieties with specific terpene profiles were effective for reducing the symptoms of both PTSD and pain, as well as alleviating the “hypervigilance syndrome” that is prevalent in many who have fought in recent wars. InPlanta, in collaboration with top breeders in British Columbia, enhanced these properties through traditional breeding efforts.  InPlanta selected both low and high myrcene varieties in order to create the “Veterans Day” and “Veterans Night” lines with reduced and enhanced sedative effects, respectively. VetStar DayTM and VetStar NightTM are currently being grown in Abba’s Licensed facility and are expected to be available for sale in September, 2020.

Finally, the strain we’ve been impatiently waiting for, Abbamedix Veteran Kush MRS release!  Seven years in the making with Dr. Darryl Hudson’s team from Inplanta Biotechnology Inc., this Indica-dominant strain is the first specifically cultivated for PTSD. Backed by blind veteran trials, this strain is exclusive to registered Abba Medix patients. Veterans Kush is a hybrid of B.C. Rockstar (B.C. Rockbud x Bubba) and Master Kush then backcrossed to Rockstar to obtain a specific terpene profile, this strain tested just under 25% THC.  Watch an interview between our Veteran Advocate, Glen Coyle and Dr. Hudson, discussion on genetics, terpenes, and effects this strain can have on a patient.  Kuddos to the good doctor and his team for getting this and other veteran focused cultivars to the medical cannabis market.

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