Stand with us at Abba Medix

Stand with us at Abba Medix

Abba Medix

Congratulations, you’ve made it to 2022! 

Every year many of us create our own resolutions, and we all have the best intentions in mind. What the new year brings, really depends on what you bring to the new year. Abba Medix decided to enter the year with a complete overhaul of our e-commerce by rebranding and redesigning our image. 

It certainly is something to celebrate with the way the world is turning these days.  Here at Abba Medix, we are going to take 2022 to give you an inside peak at how we are managing in this world, and what it is we stand for. You will get to meet the brilliant minds on the inside, see how we select, cultivate and procure the products on our menu, and why we do what we do. 

Since obtaining our sales license in 2019 we have been improving ourselves with consistent growth. We are ready to show the world who we are, as we continue to perfect our processes. We will continue to partner with some of the best brands in the business. Abba Medix has hand-selected veteran craft growers, organic growers, to expand our product portfolio, while building a phenomenal team. We really strive to bring the best products with great terpene profiles to the medical marketplace.

Care, compassion, and change through medical cannabis is our mission. Prioritizing a diverse product offering to support relief and empower wellness through the strength of choice. With our award-winning customer service, over 100 product choices, 15 brands, craft-quality flower. We offer a variety of alternative product formats, consumption methods, and even organic options, Abba Medix stands for patient care. 

Advocates for the efficacy of medical cannabis and stand for all patients to receive care and compassion. Our medical cannabis platform was purposely built for our patients, vast majority being veterans. Our menu reflects the feedback we have received from our patient base. Abba Medix prioritizes support, recovery, and relief while advocating for the efficacy of medical cannabis and standing for all patients to receive care and compassion. 

We have improved our EMS, senior, and compassionate programs. We have launched a better bilingual support program, including a full bilingual e-commerce. We launched Abba Medix’s exclusive Veteran Kush and Vet Star Day, both specifically tailored with a focus on veterans who are suffering from the ailments of PTSD. We assist with applications to government programs, contributing to peer support events, and have partnered with the Post Traumatic Growth Association to host wellness events. Direct billing to Veterans Affairs is available on all our products. We carry the highest CBD content oils and the best price, making medical cannabis an affordable option for everyone. At Abba Medix, we stand for our patients. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming Abba Medix Exposed series, where you will meet our team, and see what happens behind closed doors. Next week, we will be announcing an exclusive veteran brand, which you won’t want to miss! Join us as we make our stand.

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