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The Micro Drop 5:20 CBD Cannabis Oil from RHO Phyto by Avicanna is a medium CBD, low THC product formulated with full spectrum cannabis distillate. It has a concentration of 0.16 mgs of THC and 0.6 mgs of CBD per drop, and 5 mgs of THC and 20 mgs of CBD per millilitre (ml). 1 ml of RHO Phyto Micro Drop Oil is equal to 32 drops. Each 30 ml bottle contains 150 mgs of THC and 600 mgs of CBD. RHO Phyto’s Micro Drops are offered in a Blood Orange flavour and deliver metered dosing for easy titration. The bottle does not include an oral syringe but is designed like an eye/ear drop bottle. The product image and label are provided for illustrative purposes only. The label may list the name as Micro Drop 0.6 CBD – 0.16 THC however the product is the same. The potency and concentration of this product may vary by batch. Ingredient Information Sunflower seed oil, cannabis extract, Lecithin (soy), propylene glycol, Transcutol HP, Blood Orange Flavour (medium chain triglyceride, natural orange flavour

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