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Kolab Project 232 Series THCA Diamonds are the result of hydrocarbon extraction to purify the cannabinoid components from a single strain, fresh frozen flower. The cannabinoids form into hard, crystalline structures while the terpenes mainly stay behind in the liquid (or terp sauce). Diamonds have a very limited terpene profile, they are mostly THCA and can only be activated by heat. These single strain diamonds come from the collaboration with Safari Flower Co. and feature Black Cherry Punch, a cross between Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie. Additionally, they're packaged into a recyclable and resealable 1g jar so that once opened they retain their freshness. The jar is then kept safe in a biodegradable carton. 232°C is the mid-range temperature at which most terpenes boil without burning, maximizing the flavour profile and natural expression of the plant through balanced, consistent heat activation. We use 232 as a shorthand to define excellence, and intention; 232 is the broad spectrum of cannabis potential, actualized. The Cutting Edge of Ancient Technology.
Les diamants de Kolab Project sont le fruit d’une résine fraîche extraite à l’aide d’un procédé exclusif aux hydrocarbures, provenant de fleurs de Safari Flower Co. cultivées à la main et produites en petites quantités. Sans aucun relent de terpènes, ces diamants purs d’un jaune vif débordant d’énergie vous enverront en orbite.

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