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Over the past few years concentrates and extracts have become widely more popular. Product availability has expanded and medical clients are effectively treating their chronic pain and mental health symptoms. Trying concentrates or extracts for the first time is intimidating. The products are typically more potent, and there are so many ways to consume. 

How do you know if you’ve chosen the right tools for you when using these?

If you’ve tried shatter, wax, rosin or other another concentrate and had a bad experience, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t tolerate cannabis in these forms. Rather you may have used the wrong delivery method. Many of these product offerings offer an amplified body effect compared to smoking or vaping dried cannabis. Believe it or not, some users can tolerate hash or rosin but can’t tolerate a dried flower joint. Some consumers have reported negative side effects in black market products, due to use solvents such as butane or ethanol. Solventless extracts through the medical and recreational channels are recommended for this reason.

If you’re looking to sample concentrates, but don’t want to invest in a pricy device to see if these products are right for you, there are a few affordable options to consider.

Vaping – A rechargeable device that allows you to control the temperature of your vapour, add your desired amount of concentrate and vape away. Vapes for concentrates can be found for as low as $30.



Dab Rig – Looking very similar to a bong, many take water just as a bong would too. Both glass and silicone options can be found for under $50.00. The concentrate is scooped up using a wand type tool called a nail. A torch is used to heat the bowl, then the nail is placed inside of the bowl which immediately creates vapor to inhale.


E-Nail – Using the same concept above, rather electricity (chargeable battery or plug-in) is used in replacement of a torch for heating. The e-nails are portable, convenient and allows you to control the bowl temperature unlike dab rigs. The down side to e-nailers is that they are slightly higher in price, starting prices range around $170.

Concentrates and extracts can also be used in edibles, capsules, topicals and more!

Contact your cannabis clinic or medical professional today, to learn more about how concentrates fit into your treatment plan.

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