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The Lemorange is an ideal strain for Sativa citrus lovers. It’s a cross of the all-time champion, Super Lemon Haze, and Clementine from the Crockett family, bred by Green House Seed Company and grown organically by Eco Canadian Organic Inc. This strain sparkles in the light with its densely packed trichomes and purple bluish hues. Real eye candy and great bag appeal. This citrus fruit strain will reminisce of being in Sicily with its extensive scents of lemons and clementines. This strain tastes like an EXPLOSION of citrus in the mouth with its amazing mix of lemon and orange flavors. It boasts intense sweet clementine juice and lemon aromas, accompanied by a delicate earthiness background inherited from Super Lemon Haze which provides for a pure delicacy for the mouth that will range from fresh lemon on the inhale to an orangey earthiness on the exhale. The effects boost your mood to a euphoric head buzz while motivating and uplifting your spirit and mind that has long-lasting effect. The most expressed terpenes are Terpineol, D-Limonene, and βCaryophyllene. When life gives you Lemons and Oranges – make Lemorange!

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