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Veterans Kush is a hybrid of B.C. Rockstar (B.C. Rockbud x Bubba) and Master Kush backcrossed to Rockstar to obtain our desired terpene profile. With small to medium sized nugs that have the dense bud structure characteristic of an indica, it has the scent of earth and citrus flavours of Rockstar, with a hint of pepper.

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VetStar Day is a hybrid and is a contrast of Veterans Kush, however this time has been back crossed with 707 headband & F1. This uniquely cultivated strain has been produced to help alleviate your daytime stress while staying grounded and focused. It has lower Myrcene %, with the same terps. Just don’t get your days and nights mixed up!

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Moroccan Blonde is a product made from hybrid varieties carefully formulated to achieve the desired balance. It is extracted using the dry sift method and has a friable texture. Diesel, spicy and earthy notes are prevalent in this lightly pressed hash.

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