Terpènes totaux
A burst of fresh peppermint mixed with the earthy undertones of the cannabinoids. A smoke free, fast acting, rapid absorption, sublingual cannabis alternative! These thin odorless, and compact rapidly dissolving strips are placed under the tongue or alternatively, inside the cheek and offer a precise 10 mg dose of THC per strip. Produced with a technology that micronizes the cannabis molecule, evenly dispersing it throughout the strip; the small particle size enhances the sublingual delivery allowing the cannabis to be quickly absorbed and delivered into the bloodstream, bypassing the gut and GI Tract. When dissolved under the tongue, each QuickStrip may deliver its cannabinoids with a greater impact than edibles, oils or capsules containing similar amounts of THC due to its bypassing of the digestive system. QuickStrip products can easily be torn or cut into quadrants for micro dosing if desired. QuickStrip products are sugar, nut, gluten, and gelatin free.

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