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Making new cannabis genetics can be an overwhelming and complex topic, especially MRS Veteran Kush genetics. It is not as simple as blending one strain such as Master Kush with a strain like BC Rockstar. For MRS Vet Kush, BC Rockstar was crossed into a Master Kush and than backcrossed back into a BC Rockstar to obtain a specific terpene profile. New cannabis strains can be made by amateur and experienced breeders, but majority of amateur breeders produce strains that cannot last long enough to produce clones and the process ends there. Experienced growers blend their breeds, clone, crossbreed, backcross their breeding, clone a little more until a stable and desired plant is created. 

MRS Vet Kush first initiated as a thought with Dr. Darryl Hudson, and Canada House Clinics Founders in 2013. Vet Kush underwent observations, multiple blind testing research dating as far back to 2013. Genetic selection took place in 2014, approval for cannabis strain research occurred in 2015, and it took off from there. Multiple THC Kush strain varieties and specific Myrcene terpene profiles were assessed for efficacy in treating PTSD specific to hypervigilance over the years. “A lot of the brains function is selective; we were looking for a strain that allowed a reset to happen”, says Dr. Darryl Hudson.  Multiple rounds of crossbreeding, backcrossing, and cloning of heavy Kushes took place over the years. Explaining why MRS Vet Kush an Indica-dominant strain a 7/8-year strain in the making is finally here for use.

The simple explanation regarding cannabis breeding, would be taking the genetics of a male and female plant of different strains, pollinating the female plant, which in turn will produce a seed that now carries genetics of both the female and male strains. Lastly, popping the seed and growing the results of your new hybrid or crossbred strain to produce new genetics.

To elaborate on the entire process, the female characteristics dominate the males, so ideally you would want the female plant to hold the main characteristics with the male infusing the complimentary variance. Keeping in mind that one male plant can pollinate at least 20 females, there is no need for more than one male plant to be present during the crossbreeding process. These steps would be repeated until the end desired result is produced, also known as phenotyping.

Each seed that is produced from the breeding varies from each other, popping multiple seeds to assess the genetic attributes is only part of this process. The goal for your seeds is to secure homozygous seeds, where the genes are stable and consistent unless heterozygous seeds that have more variety in less stable genetics. Once the correct phenotype is selected, the breeder may choose to backcross the new strain. The purpose of backcrossing would be to strengthen the genetics of the newly bred plant. Backcrossing is done by breeding the new strain with another plant of the same strain or one of its parents.

In typical circumstances, the benefit of crossbreeding cannabis strains is to enhance the terpene profile, THC/CBD percentages, change the Indica/Sativa dominancy, bud density or other reasons. Before crossbreeding, you want to be sure of the genetics of the seeds or plants as well to review the current certificates of analysis. Crossbreeding can result in fine tuning strains to an optimal genetic variant that is bred specifically for treatment of target diagnoses.

Crossbreeding can be done at home but is best to be done in a controlled environment. This entire process from start to finish can take months or years to obtain the desired outcome. For Abba Medix and Dr. Darryl Hudson, they underwent many obstacles due to regulations from Health Canada. But they have reached the finish line and the product is finally here “this is not my success; this is a veteran success. It was the veterans and their feedback that allowed us to create this. This was not a fluke, but a collaborative effort between those that were sick and those who had the knowledge to identify what was helping with the sickness.” Says Dr. Hudson.

Abba is proud to carry this exclusive veteran strain for their registered patients. Behind the scenes the team continues working hard and dedicating their time to research and development in provide multiple strains to assist controlling symptoms of PTSD. Keep your eyes peeled in the upcoming months MRS Vet Kush is only the beginning.

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